Here is the normally seen WP profile, with the normal questions. Do you recognize it?

I want the questions seen on /zeeshan to appear. Can you modify it inside 24 hours?

A link at the bottom of /zeeshan goes to another website, showing a list of different teams a person can join. Want users to join as many teams as they like, and for each team the user can input relevant skills and keywords. This allows Team Leaders to quickly search for those with the correct keywords and experience in that particular team.

To understand better, imagine you have a list of people who want to work. You must have their data in your MySQL so you can easily – quickly locate the right workers.

Imagine that you want to invite the best qualified, to send an email asking if they have time to do the latest job you are offering. You do not want to send a graphics job to a PHP expert.

You want to make it easy for each subscriber in your website to modify his/her profile so they can be contacted when something needing their skills is available.



20 seconds video showing my name on US currency:

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