https://demo-2.anywebsite.info/wp-admin/ IF YOU REGISTER AND TELL ME YOUR USER NAME ON THIS WEBSITE, Then I will advance your roles from subscriber

This is a simple change to modify the WP profile page. If you know what is the profile page, where it is located, and how to modify it then you should be able to complete this job.

Here is what I want on the profile page, and if users can’t provide this data then they will be deleted. Not approved here.

Please do not ask additional questions, because I will believe you are a beginner.

If you are only a beginner asking dumb-stupid questions

then you will NOT be considered for employment.

Else, use your common sense to understand the purpose of the Profile page, understand the data this site will require, and make the necessary changes for us. Very simple job!

Most questions are mandatory, but not all of the questions are mandatory. Provide to me an option to indicate if yes or no that question is mandatory.

Please do not ask me if I want 2-3-4 column replies. I will not hire any robots I must program step by step what to do, and I will not hire anyone who does not use common sense.

The purpose of modifying the user profile is so Team Leaders can selelct only the best people with the correct skills and using the correct keywords in their profiles. I will verify the info in each profile if you say you attended some University. Fake people will be deleted.

Be sure that your latest and best photo is in your profile. This helps when we boast about the high quality of well trained people working with me.

If you do not understand a requirement, then ask your associates, else I will believe you are a beginner and not hire you. Please do not ask me to teach English to you. Use “define xxxx” in your browser to understand unknown words & phrases.

Here are the questions I want to appear on the User Profile Page of each person:

last_name TEXT
first_name TEXT
email TEXT
nationality TEXT
linked_in TEXT URL
linkedin_connections NUMBER
Skype_name TEXT
facebook_name TEXT url

#of facebook_friends NUMBER

#of facebook_followers NUMBER

paypal_name TEXT
bitcoins_address NUMBER
university_degree YES OR NO
university_name TEXT
university_city TEXT
university_url TEXT
university_phone NUMBER
degree_type TEXT
year_received NUMBER

skills-keywords TEXT

See list of teams at https://devictormason.com/jobs
“Brief descriptions of your part-time software related Freelancer tasks to be performed:”

HERE ARE LISTS OF TEAMS. There is a Team Leader for each TEAM, and the TL requires knowing about all people in the team.

Contact info@7millionjobs.com telling me your offer to complete this within 24 hours

WhatsApp +855 965 975 998, Skype: DoctorMason.Freelancer



20 seconds video showing my name on US currency:

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